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David Harbour Tweets About His Dad Bod

Stranger Things' David Harbour Just Acknowledged His "Dad Bod" — and We're Swooning

Although there's much to love about Stranger Things between the adorable teen stars and Steve's gorgeous hair, for me, not much rivals David Harbour's character Jim Hopper, the actor himself, and, of course, his "dad bod." Unfortunately, that bod is currently retired as the actor has become as ripped as a trendy pair of jeans for his upcoming role in the Hellboy reboot, but that didn't stop Harbour from responding to a fan's tweet about Hopper's physique.

"I can't believe you assh*les wasted 'dad bod' on a bunch of absolute chumps BEFORE @DavidKHarbour had his moment," Danielle Henderson's passionate Nov. 12 tweet reads. Several people responded, either to dash her dreams and share photos of his newly cut frame or to join her in praising his former bod. However, when Harbour himself blessed us with a response, the other tweets were rendered moot.

So just to recap: not only did Harbour himself acknowledge his sexy dad bod, but he also poked a little bit of fun at his pre-Stranger Things roles while saluting all of his dad-bod brothers. We're swooning harder than Harbour's new abs.

Image Source: Netflix
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