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DIY Bottle Station

This Mom Showed Off Her Crazy Organized "Bottle Station" Hack — and We're Not Worthy

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After switching to nearly exclusive pumping a month after her baby was born, one mom was struggling to keep all of her pump parts and bottle parts organized, so she harnessed her crafty side and created a storage system that is truly something to behold (mostly because it's so damn simple and practical!). In a post to Reddit, the mom, user danaraincloud, shared a bit of background, as well as a link to a photo of the "bottle station."

"Witness the power of this fully operational bottle station," she wrote. "When my kiddo was born, it only took us about a month to switch from nursing to almost-exclusively-pumping. This left me with a new dilemma — how the F to organize all those bottles!? Bottles to pump into, pump parts, bottles to drink out of, etc, etc."

Then, on a trip to Michael's, she spotted a Desktop Organizer ($30, originally $40) with two shelves and two drawers that she thought would be perfect for all of the little pieces to her pumps, as well as baby's clean bottles. And so the bottle station was born.


"It works PERFECTLY for me," she wrote. "The two drawers hold pumping parts for two different types of pumps, the upper shelf holds the bigger bottles, and the lower shelf the 5 oz bottles. Obviously I could still use a little more space, but this system keeps everything in one place and it has been a real life saver. I have a tub for dirties, a drying rack for anything I have to wash by hand (I usually run bottles separately in the dishwasher, which is directly below this station), and my organizer . . . I hope this helps other people who are trying to figure out how to get organized."

Whether you need a bottle station or not, there's no denying that this simple and affordable organization method is pretty impressive.

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