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Armie Hammer Reacts to Sexist Children's Song

After Hearing a Sexist Children's Song With His Daughter, Armie Hammer Set the Record Straight

Raising a little girl in 2018 means having plenty of tough conversations: not only will you eventually have to break the news about periods, but you've also got to explain uncomfortable things like why she never owes anybody a hug or why her school might not let her wear a favorite outfit. One of these unfortunate (yet necessary) talks is explaining to little girls that sometimes, society thinks certain things are just for boys — and that they should never let that affect their interests or aspirations. Luckily for Armie Hammer's 3-year-old daughter, Harper, her dad is vocal about this last point, and history is there to back him up.

After hearing a children's song with sexist undertones, Armie was quick to call bullsh*t on the messages his daughter was listening to. "Just listened to a children's song with Harper and the girl wanted to be a princess and the boy wanted to be a pirate," the Call Me by Your Name actor tweeted. Then, he came in with the facts: "I guess they forgot the most successful pirate of all time was a woman who controlled a pirate army of 40,000."

Perhaps the best part about this is that Armie is understating the prowess of the world's greatest pirate, Ching Shih — she actually commanded around 80,000 pirate sailors in a fleet of 1,500 ships. Hear that, world? Girls can be princesses, pirates, or whatever the hell they want to be!

Image Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris
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