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6-Year-Old's Savage Letter to Santa

This 6-Year-Old's Hilariously Savage Letter to Santa Is From All the Grinches Out There

Some kids ask Santa Claus for Spider-Man Marvel sets, while others may apologize for that Toys "R" Us temper tantrum two months ago, but this 6-year-old boy had something else in mind for his class assignment, and it's probably the feistiest letter to be sent to the North Pole. Sarah McCammon, a reporter for NPR, recently took to Twitter to share her young son's enraged letter to Mr. Claus himself, and, well, it's nothing short of legendary. Out of all the hilarious letters we've seen written to Santa, this one just cuts right to the chase.

"Dear Santa,
Santa I'm only doing this for the class. I know your [naughty] list is [empty]. And your good list is [empty]. And your life is [empty]. You don't know the trouble I've had in my life. Goodbye.
I'm not telling you my name."

Sarah followed up with a tweet explaining the "troubles" in her son's life: "his brother." He's hilariously savage and cynical, and the wreath and skull drawings speak for themselves, but we're just wondering if this kid spent his Thanksgiving break interning for the Grinch?

We're thinking he might be pleased to find out the truth about Santa's existence. (But if that's not in the plans for you this year, these hacks will guarantee your child still believes in Santa.)

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