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Watch Zedd and Kehlani's "Good Thing" Music Video

I'm Calling It: Kehlani and Zedd's "Good Thing" Is the Singles Anthem of the Year

If you are single and love to mingle, Kehlani and Zedd's latest track has an important reminder for you. The duo's new song, "Good Thing," is a singles anthem with a music video that includes a grease fire, suits that are so gorgeously tailored that they should be illegal, and Kehlani making a waitressing uniform look like couture. "'Cause I already got a good thing with me," the singer croons as she wanders around an upscale restaurant, breaking hearts with a casual smile. "Yeah, I already got everything I need / The best things in life are already mine."

Even after a (damn fine) restaurant patron makes a play for Kehlani, letting her know he has a "good thing" for her, the singer proves she's a stronger woman than we could ever be and rebuffs him for "just the tip." Whew! The sauce dripping off that woman is legendary. Watch Kehlani show us singles how it's done in the music video above, and remember: you are the only good thing you need, babe!

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