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Royce Lovett Singing "911" on The Voice Audition Video

The Voice: Royce Lovett's Audition Was So Good, It Got Gwen and Blake Fighting

Things got personal on The Voice as competing judges and real-life couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton battled it out over a contestant. On Tuesday's episode, Royce Lovett took the stage to perform a heartfelt cover of Wyclef Jean's "911." The contestant seemed like a good fit for Stefani's team, given her music's ska influence, and it took her about 30 seconds to press her button. Unfortunately for her, Shelton pushed his button not long after.

"You're so stupid," Stefani exclaimed to Shelton as she got up and danced to show her enthusiasm. Once the judges began pleading their cases, however, it became very clear who Lovett would pick. (Let's just say Shelton's best defense was his "lake playlist," which contains artists like Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet. So . . . yeah.) Watch the beautiful audition above, and the subsequent heated debate it spurred.

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