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Lucy Hale Fantasy Island Video Interview

Fantasy Island Star Lucy Hale's Own Fantasies Include a Naked Body-Painting Date and a Giant Tray of French Fries

Being whisked away to a beautiful tropical resort where your deepest fantasies come true? Pretty much sounds like the ultimate dream vacation. But in Lucy Hale's new horror film Fantasy Island — an adaptation of the popular '70s TV series of the same name those desires actually twist into terrible nightmares once Hale and her costars arrive on the island.

In the spirit of the film, we had Hale make some of the hardest decisions ever in a difficult round of "Would You Rather," where the scenarios included everything from travel nightmares . . .

. . . to dating disasters.

Along the way, she also revealed some of her own personal fantasies, like her dream Bachelor-style fantasy date.

Watch it all go down in the video above, and check out Fantasy Island, now in theaters everywhere.

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