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Listen to Lizzo's "Never Felt Like Christmas" Song

Important Reminder: Lizzo Has a Christmas Song, and It's a Cuffing-Season Anthem

It's officially socially acceptable to start turning up the holiday tunes — Mariah Carey said so. In honor of the approaching holiday season, Lizzo issued an important reminder that she too has a Christmas song. Her subtle tweet went a little something like this: "I HAVE A CHRISTMAS SONG."

It's true! In case you didn't already know, Lizzo released a cuffing-season anthem, "Never Felt Like Christmas," in 2015. The romantic song contains delightful lyrics like "Sugar plums and candy canes, they did nothing for me / You could find me home alone and ordering Chinese / But now I save that old fruit cake 'cause there's enough for two / It never felt like Christmas 'til I spent it with you." Now, would it be too much to ask Santa for a second Christmas song from Lizzo this year?

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