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The Voice: Kelsie Watts Auditions With a Kelly Clarkson Song

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson Watched This Contestant Cover Her Song Like a Proud Mom

It takes a considerable amount of guts to cover a song in front of the original artist, but Kelsie Watts rose to the occasion and absolutely nailed it. The 29-year-old performer auditioned for season 19 of The Voice by singing judge Kelly Clarkson's song "I Dare You," leaving Clarkson herself in awe of her soaring vocals.

At first, Clarkson looked a bit hesitant upon realizing Watts was belting out her track, but relief and joy washed over her face as the Nashville resident put her impressive range on display and did the song justice. As soon as Watts hit a series of whistle notes, both Clarkson and fellow judge Gwen Stefani slammed the red button to turn their chairs around, and Clarkson rose to her feet and watched the contestant finish her performance like a proud mom.

"Oh my gosh, you just one-upped me on my own song," Clarkson blurted out when Watts concluded. She added, "There's nothing cooler than somebody to like your song first of all enough that they cover it, but secondly, to make it even better than it was, which is what you just did." Needless to say, you can likely guess which judge's team Watts wound up joining for the season. Watch her bold audition in full above.

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