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Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing Rihanna's "Only Girl" Video

Kelly Clarkson's Kids Totally Upstaged Her Rihanna Cover, but We Aren't Mad About It

Normally, there's not much that can top a segment of Kelly Clarkson's "Kellyoke," but Friday's surprise definitely takes the cake. The Kelly Clarkson Show host covered Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World," and after she was done reminding us that her range has no limits, the singer introduced the audience to one of her favorite girls in the world: her daughter River.

The 5-year-old joined her mother onstage for a sweet hug before her 3-year-old brother Remington dashed out to get in on the lovefest. The two kids said a quick "hello" to the audience before leaving their mother with a few (dozen) kisses and heading off stage. It's honestly one of the cutest moments we've seen on the show (and there have been a lot) and we love watching Clarkson going into full mama mode. See the precious moment above!

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