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Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover Brandi Carlile's "The Story"

Our Goosebumps Have Goosebumps From Kelly Clarkson's Stunning Brandi Carlile Cover

It's been over 10 years since Brandi Carlile released the folk-rock single "The Story," but the song is still drawing shivers down our spine — especially when Kelly Clarkson is covering it! On Nov. 19, The Kelly Clarkson Show host opened the episode by switching out her usual jaunty "Kellyoke" cover for the emotional ballad, and the singer's powerful vocals fit the melody perfectly. From the darkened stage to Clarkson's glam dress, it feels like we're watching a concert performance rather than a daytime show! And we would not be mad if Clarkson decided to release her version as a track, along with the rest of her covers of course. Watch the full video of the intimate performance above.

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