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JoJo Sings “Too Little Too Late” and "Man" on MTV Unplugged

When JoJo Stands on Her Bed and Belts During Her MTV Unplugged Performance, I Feel That

JoJo is the latest artist to be featured on MTV Unplugged at Home, and, wow, we're obsessed with her performance. On March 25, MTV shared a video of the 29-year-old singer chillin' in her bedroom while crooning hits such as "Man," "Small Things," and "Too Little Too Late." Naturally, JoJo's vocals are insanely impressive, but she takes it up a notch by belting while standing on her bed. (All too relatable.) We've seen quite a few celebrity at-home concerts amid social-distance efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, and this is definitely one of the best ones. Watch her indoor set in the clip above!

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