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Dua Lipa and James Corden Remix "New Rules" For COVID Dating

Dua Lipa and James Corden Sing a "New Rules" Remix That'll Stimulate Your COVID Love Life

If you're a faithful disciple of Dua Lipa's dating commandments listed in her 2017 smash single, "New Rules," we've got a new set to add to your roster. The Future Nostalgia singer teamed up with James Corden to help those looking for love in the time of corona (see what I did there?) figure out exactly how to get down and flirty while still taking the necessary precautions for COVID-19. The duo mashed up Lipa's "Don't Start Now" and "New Rules" for a remix that's both highly informative and only a little bit bleak, considering. It's like, sure, society might be collapsing, but that doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of romance as well! So "if you ever want to see another person's body," as Lipa melodiously puts it, you'll do well to abide by the following new rules:

  1. Get in the zone, no one's doing edibles at home alone.
  2. Start up the Instagram, gotta background check if you wanna plan.
  3. Up your waxing game, no one's seen you naked since February.
  4. If you hit it off, watch out if they start to cough.

Follow these rules and, as Dua says, "you'll get that touch you're craving."

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