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Watch Dan Levy Talk Schitt's Creek and Eat Spicy Wings

I Almost Feel Bad Watching Dan Levy Slowly Succumb to the Heat of Hot Ones' Spicy Wings

Ouch, David! In a manner akin to watching painfully bad auditions on your favorite reality competition series, I can't stop watching Dan Levy's virtual appearance on First We Feast's Hot Ones. The Schitt's Creek cocreator and actor made sure to give the disclaimer that although he recently worked with Kristen Stewart (casual name drop), who reassured him that the experience would be fine, he didn't think it would be that easy for him — and he was right.

Though Levy starts off pretty strong, he starts getting a bit "panicky" at the midway mark and slowly starts to succumb to what is no doubt a delicious inferno raging through his body. There are some tears, a lot of pauses, and and a healthy consumption of milkshakes as Levy attempts to keep his focus on Sean Evans's questions. Since he reveals, "My tum is on fire," we have to appreciate that he still manages to share behind-the-scenes memories from filming Schitt's Creek, how he's stolen key pieces of David Rose's wardrobe, his thoughts on Drake, what it was like having his dad star in American Pie, and so much more. Watch the entire interview above and pour out some milk in memory of Levy's poor tastebuds.

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