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Zac Efron Insulting Christian Bale Jimmy Kimmel Video

You'll Cringe Watching Zac Efron Backtrack After Accidentally Insulting Christian Bale

Zac Efron stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, where he spoke about his new movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. In chatting about taking on the dramatic role playing serial killer Ted Bundy (who he calls "not a good dude"), Efron found himself talking about the movie Psycho and poked fun at the concept of playing a serial killer as a way of proving your acting skills. "We've all seen Psycho, the movie that is the dramatic jump, and 'look, now I'm a serious actor, right'."

He then quickly apologized to Christian Bale, at which point it became clear Efron actually meant the movie American Psycho. "I'm sorry Christian Bale, now for two things," Efron joked as he continued to backtrack for insulting the "phenomenal" British actor. Watch the awkward moment for yourself now. Here's hoping Christian Bale never stumbles across it!

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