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Suffragette Trailer

The Suffragette Trailer Will Make You Think Twice About Forgetting to Vote

Whenever Meryl Streep takes a new role, ears of filmgoers everywhere perk up. Suffragette definitely makes a case for Streep's keen script-choosing abilities. She plays Emmeline Pankhurst, a legendary activist in the fight for female voting rights. Carey Mulligan stars opposite her as a young woman getting involved in the movement, and the first trailer makes the film seem pretty powerful. At one point, a fed-up Mulligan even clamps a hot iron down on a man's hand. The footage is paired with a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," and while that may sound like a strange choice, it's kind of perfect. The movie is due out in theaters in the US on Oct. 23!

Here's the first teaser:

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