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Milo Ventimiglia Talks Jack and Nicky on This Is Us Video

This Is Us: Milo Ventimiglia Talks About Hiding Jack's Big Secret From Rebecca and the Kids

The following post contains spoilers from This Is Us.

This Is Us has shown us that even the most swoon-worthy TV marriages aren't perfect. Randall and Beth have some rocky times ahead of them, Toby and Kate are battling the highs and lows of Toby's depression, and even Jack and Rebecca keep things from each other . . . and that all came front and center during the gut-wrenching episode "Songbird Road: Part One." On Tuesday night, fans saw what really happens to Nicky and Jack in Vietnam and what ultimately leads to Jack's decision to cut his brother out of his life.

Following the episode, Milo Ventimiglia sat down with Kevin Fallis, the co-executive producer and writer of the show, where they discussed his character's life-changing decision to keep his brother's life a secret from his wife and kids. "Part of it is disappointment in his brother and having to accept that people make choices for themselves," Ventimiglia said. "Jack made the choice to move on." Watch the clip above and see why Ventimiglia said Jack kept that secret from Rebecca for so long and why it was so special to watch Kevin experience this connection with his long-lost uncle Nicky.

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