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Future Man TV Show Trailer

Josh Hutcherson Leaves Panem Behind For Seth Rogen's Show About "Time Travel and STDs"

I'm trying to think of a succinct way of describing the plot of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's new TV show, Future Man, starring Josh Hutcherson, and this is all I've got: Hutcherson is a janitor at a lab and ends up traveling back in time with two warriors from the future (who are also somehow in a video game he plays?) to stop his boss at the lab from ever getting herpes. Because the herpes cure his boss eventually discovers goes on to destroy mankind. Mmhmm.

As, um, out there as it sounds, the trailer is pretty promising. Not only that, but the cast is killer: Hutcherson, Ed Begley Jr., Happy Endings's Eliza Coupe, Preacher's Derek Wilson, and more. To celebrate the release of the trailer at New York Comic-Con, Rogen tweeted, "Here's the trailer for FUTURE MAN, our new TV show about time travel and saving the world and also STD's!" Honestly, that's a TV show tagline I can get behind.

All episodes of Future Man drop on Hulu on Nov. 14.

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