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Charlize Theron Asked to Play Wonder Woman's Mom — Video

Charlize Theron Didn't Want to Play Wonder Woman's Mom, and TBH, We Get It

Charlize Theron stopped by Watch What Happens Live this week with her Long Shot costar Seth Rogen, and when it came time to answer questions from callers, Theron was asked about rumors that she'd turned down the part of Wonder Woman. Laughing, she explained that wasn't exactly the case, before launching into a story she described as "a great example of how Hollywood slaps you in the face when you start aging."

It turns out Theron was never offered the role of Diana, which eventually went to Gal Gadot. When she heard news of the project and professed her reservations about the character, she was quickly told that she was not actually being considered for the lead but for the role of Wonder Woman's mom. Luckily, Charlize took it in good spirits, explaining "It's fine, but it was the defining moment where I was like, 'I crossed over.'"

If you've seen Wonder Woman, you'll know that Wonder Woman's mom is Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and she's just as strong, powerful, and beautiful as her daughter. There are also plenty of suggestions that the rules of aging don't apply to the Amazons in the same way they do to us mere mortals. That said, the role did eventually go to an actress many would consider more suitable for the part. Connie Nielsen is 53 (10 years older than Theron) and perhaps a little more believable as mother of 34-year-old Gadot.

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