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Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét "Monopoly" Music Video

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét Dance It Out in the Cheeky Music Video For "Monopoly"

When you hang out with your friends, what do you usually like to do? Go shopping? Catch a movie? Stalk your exes on social media? Well, if you're friends with Ariana Grande, apparently not only do you spontaneously go shopping for rings at Tiffany's, but you also get to partake in rooftop dance sessions. Kind of a dream come true, no?

The 25-year-old pop star has released yet another new song, "Monopoly," which she collaborated on with real-life pal Victoria Monét. In the Donté Colley-inspired music video for the track, which dropped on April 1, Grande and Monét dance it out on top of a building while singing instantly iconic lines like "Bad vibes get off of me, outta here with that f*ckery." (We can all guess what everyone's Instagram captions are gonna be this weekend.)

Watch it above, and then check out all the Easter eggs Grande slipped into her video for "7 Rings."

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