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Reese Witherspoon and Ellen Battle Over Jennifer Aniston

Ellen DeGeneres and Reese Witherspoon Go Head to Head About Being Jennifer Aniston's BFF

Who's better friends with Jennifer Aniston: Reese Witherspoon or Ellen DeGeneres? The two stars went head to head on Thursday to see who's really earned the coveted title, and — spoiler alert! — it looks like Ellen reigns supreme. After jokingly bragging to Ellen about her tight bond with Oprah, Reese went on to mention that she became similarly close with Jennifer after the two worked on Apple TV's The Morning Show together.

Ellen was quick to retaliate by claiming that she is actually tighter with Jennifer than Reese is, even playing old footage to prove her point. In the throwback video, Ellen briefly chats with Jennifer on the phone to confirm their BFF status, to which Jen responds that "based on 30 years of knowing each other," she and Ellen are thick as thieves. Needless to say, Reese had quite the stunned reaction to hear Jennifer humorously discount their friendship — watch the battle for Jennifer's heart unfold above!

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