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Megan Thee Stallion Watches Beyonce Interviews to Cheer Up

Megan Thee Stallion Uses Old Beyoncé Interviews as a Pick-Me-Up, Which Is Honestly Genius

Anytime I'm in a tough situation, I like to ask myself a simple question: What would Beyoncé do? As you probably could've guessed, I'm not alone on that one, because even Megan Thee Stallion looks to the Lemonade singer for inspiration during trying times. The 24-year-old rapper recently stepped out at the Billboard Women in Music event, and while hanging out backstage, she was asked about which female artists she hopes to be able to honor one day.

"Everybody knows that I super love Beyoncé," she responded. "I'm from Houston, she's from Houston. I've been listening to her all my life and she is just somebody that — when I'm feeling like, 'Am I doing the wrong thing?' or 'Am I feeling the wrong way?' I'll just go back and watch her interviews and I'll watch her talk about basically going through the same struggles that I feel like I'm going through right now." According to Megan, if Beyoncé can get through it, so can she, which honestly isn't a bad life motto to adopt.

Megan also shared a bit of life advice that her mother once gave her as a child when asked about what to do when you're struggling to find your worth. "Take that struggle and throw it in the trash because you are a queen, and you can't let nobody tell you that you're not a queen." Listen to Megan's brief interview above.

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