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Jeff Goldblum's Amazing At-Home Late Late Show Interview

Jeff Goldblum's At-Home Late Late Show Interview Is 13 Minutes of Blissful Chaos

Show me someone who says they don't like Jeff Goldblum, and I'll show you a liar. The iconic actor with his booming voice and snazzy style recently appeared on The Late Late Show to bring attention to the Los Angeles Food Bank, and the 13-minute interview is equal parts joyful and chaotic.

Though he struggled to keep the interview on track at times, host James Corden ultimately appeared to be enjoying Jeff's tenacious enthusiasm. "I love the idea that you've got a prop or a photo for every question," James noted after Jeff started busting out various visual aids. The interview really deserves to be enjoyed in its entirety, but feel free to refer to our favorite moments below:

  1. When Jeff compared James to a "young, handsome, sexy Peter Ustinov." Well, alright!
  2. When he shared his official statement on Zoom backgrounds: "I know nothing of a Zoom background. I've seen people use them. They don't appeal to me."
  3. When he casually pulled out a framed photo from his time guest-hosting The Late Late Show.
  4. When, moments later, he pulled out a tambourine and metronome apropos of nothing.
  5. When Jeff uttered the word "indubitably." (For reference, that's at around 13:28 in the video, if you'd like to watch him say it over and over again as I've just done.)
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