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Watch Dua Lipa Chat With Seniors in "Who-a Lipa?" Segment

Please Watch Dua Lipa Interview Seniors Who Have No Idea Who She Is, I'm Begging You

Dua Lipa has sacrificed her ego to delight the internet. Fresh off the release of her critically acclaimed Future Nostalgia album, the singer decided to interview a group of seniors in a segment simply titled "Who-a Lipa?," during a stint as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. The title alone, people!

"A lot of my fans are young, but I'm always trying to reach a wider audience. So, I decided to reach out to some seniors," Dua said while introducing the clip. "These are real people who I interviewed over the internet. I told them I was conducting a survey about music, but didn't tell them who I was." What ensued was pure comedy encapsulated in just under five minutes.

"Is that a person?"

Though they unanimously had no clue who Dua was, these elderly participants were unafraid to share their two cents on both her music and fashion sense. Dua, meanwhile, was a good sport about the whole thing — attempting to hide her laughter as her outfit got ripped to shreds and managing to ask with a straight face, "Do you think she has a future in the music industry?"

Enjoy some of my favorite out-of-context quotes below, and skip to 4:12 in the video above to have your day made.

  • "Who? Is that a person?"
  • "The Doobie Brothers?"
  • "She might do well on TikTok."
  • "I like to move a little bit. Da da da, ah, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Hello!"
  • "What? Me? Hah! To that song? No."
  • "She looks just like my first granddaughter, Vicky."
  • "It looks like she's trying too hard."
  • "I really got myself in it this time, didn't I?"
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