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Alexis Ren Reveals How She and Noah Centineo Met

Alexis Ren Reveals How She and Noah Centineo Met, and It's Actually Very Normal

On Monday night, Alexis Ren gave us a second glimpse into her relationship with Noah Centineo, and it sounds like things are getting serious. Chatting with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for the third annual Revolve Awards in Los Angeles, Alexis confirmed she and Noah started dating eight or nine months ago after being introduced by friends, even though they only made their first public appearance in October.

Alexis was low-key grilled on her relationship with Noah, and she managed to stay relatively tight-lipped on the details of their relationship. However, she did reveal they've said the L-word to one another and will be spending the holidays together but wouldn't go as far as saying whether she thinks Noah is the one. "I love that man with all my heart, I'm just really glad to be his partner," she said. "He's so vibrant and so passionate about everything that he does — he puts 100 percent of himself into everything — and his heart is gold." Alexis also admitted that while it feels a bit weird that people ship them so hard as a couple, "it's all love," and she appreciates the people who support them.

The shocking part of the interview came a bit later though, when Alexis not only admitted that she's not gotten around to seeing Charlie's Angels yet (she was in Tahiti raising funds for the coral reef at the time of the premiere) but, more importantly, she hasn't watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before either, and seriously, she's missing out big time. Watch the full interview above!

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