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Little Boy Dancing to "Wild Thoughts" Video

Your Face Will Hurt From Smiling at This Little Boy Dancing to "Wild Thoughts"

We've accepted it: we'll simply never be as cool as this adorable little boy dancing to DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts." Lil G (short for Gage) couldn't help but let the music flow through him when he heard the catchy song start to play, and luckily his dad had a camera handy to catch the hilariously smooth moves that resulted!

The video of Lil G's beyond-his-years dancing has gone totally viral, even earning a regram from DJ Khaled himself. Lil G's parents created an Instagram page and a YouTube account for his videos so that we never have to miss out on the little boy's dance skills, but we'd be hard-pressed to find a more relatable video than this one. Grab your headphones and prepare to scream "same!"

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