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Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt Interrupt Jimmy Kimmel Video

Leo, Brad, and Margot Interrupted Jimmy Kimmel, and the Crowd Lost Their Dang Minds

Imagine attending a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live and having Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie make a surprise cameo. Well, that's exactly what happened for a lucky group of audience-goers on Monday night. While some of the biggest movie stars attended the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere across the street, the film's three main stars decided to take a shortcut to the venue by sneaking through Jimmy Kimmel's studio.

However, they didn't really do that much sneaking. As each actor stepped out one by one, the crowd pretty much lost their minds. Can you blame them though? Of course, the crowd really went crazy when Leo extended an invitation for them to attend the premiere. See their hilarious reaction above!

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