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Colin Farrell Talks About Being a Father

Colin Farrell Talks About the Joys of Being a Dad Ahead of Father's Day: "I Have 2 Lovely Human Beings"

Colin Farrell is one lucky man. The actor, who is the new face of Dolce & Gabbana's Intenso cologne, opened up to the brand about what life is like with his two sons, Henry and James. "It's incredibly complicated, I find it, to be a father because I have no idea what I'm doing," Colin said. "I haven't read any books, but I know that, if I did, they would just confound me even more." But while Colin admitted that fatherhood can be tough, he also couldn't help but light up when speaking about Henry and James's personalities. "I enjoy my boys. They're fun. They're good dudes," he said. "I have two very lovely, lovely human beings that look to me for help and assistance. Can you imagine? They're doomed." Watch the sweet clip above, then make your weekend even better by checking out these photos of Colin in a Speedo.

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