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Amy Schumer Talks Boyfriend's Mom With Jimmy Fallon 2016

Amy Schumer Reveals How Her Boyfriend's Mom "Took It Too Far" When Talking to Journalists

Despite the fame, fortune, and amazing vacations, dating a celebrity isn't always easy, and Amy Schumer's boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, is finding that out firsthand. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Amy dished all about her relationship with the Chicago furniture maker ("We met and like totally fell in love, and it's been really good"), including the hilarious way Ben's mom reacted to the sudden appearance of journalists at her door.

"His family is so nice. They live in Illinois. His mom's the most excited person you'll ever meet in your life," Amy said. "So, I told her, 'Deb, they're going to call you. Just say "no comment." And she's like, "Oh, I got it, Amy. Don't you worry."'" Well, it turns out Deb still needs a little bit of media training. Watch the video above to see why Amy had to tell Ben's mom she "took it too far," and check out all of Amy's most hilarious sketches!

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