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Cole Sprouse Discusses Mustache Competition With Twin Dylan

Cole and Dylan Sprouse Are Competing to See Whose Mustache Is More "Robust"

Cole Sprouse truly divided his fan base earlier this month when he posted an Instagram debuting his new handlebar mustache. (For the record, I prefer a clean-shaven Cole.) And during last night's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show: At Home, the actor revealed he was actually in a "violent competition" with his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, to see whose facial hair was more robust.

Given Cole's shapely stache, the late-night host assumed the Riverdale star was definitely in the lead, but Sprouse suggested that the twins were pretty neck-in-neck. While Cole was aiming for a "Victorian man" vibe with his long stache, he said his brother was going for a "full Viking mode" beard. "He's got this sort of devilish, Shakespearean point to his chin."

"He's got this sort of devilish, Shakespearean point to his chin."

Though Cole was initially growing out his hair for a role, he figured once social distancing started that it would be the perfect time to see if he could successfully grow a mustache. Though it's his first attempt, he's learning to take good care of his facial hair. "I've been trimming and I've been making sure it's been looking all kosher," he told Fallon. Check out Cole's polarizing mustache below. Unfortunately, Dylan has yet to share a recent photo of his own progress, so here's to hoping he'll give us a peek soon.

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