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Jimmy Kimmel Video With Son on Preexisting Conditions
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel Described His Son's Preexisting Condition, Urging Americans to "Vote With Your Heart"
Octavia Spencer on Birthdays, Keanu Reeves, and Chris Evans
Keanu Reeves
Leave It to Keanu Reeves to Have Octavia Spencer "Crying Like a Baby" on Her Birthday
The Amber Ruffin Show Segment on Pronouncing Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris
Amber Ruffin Reminds Everyone If You Can Say Timothée Chalamet, You Can Say Kamala Harris
Little Kid Singing the Wrong Lyrics to "WAP" | TikTok Video
Little Kids
This Mom's Kid Heard "WAP" While She Was on TikTok, and the Result Was Hilarious

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