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Jon Hamm Narrates "If You Ever Hurt My Daughter" Video
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm's Depiction of a Father's "If You Ever Hurt My Daughter" Threat Is Feminist Parenting at Its F*cking Best
Video of Sassy and Funny Kids | I Kid You Not
Parenting Humor
These 7 Ways Sassy Kids Frustrate Their Parents Are All Too Relatable
Kid Interrupts Mom's BBC Interview | Video
Parenting Humor
To Those Who Called This Mom's BBC Interview With Her Child in the Room Unprofessional, You Try It!
John Legend Hosts "Fatherly Feud" in Father's Day Special
John Legend
Watch John Legend Play "Fatherly Feud" With Anthony Anderson, Patton Oswalt, and More Celeb Dads

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